Afternoon with friends30.10.2021


Orkester Norden at Sibelius Hall 2019
Johannes Brahms: Tragic Overture (part 1)
Conductor: Eva Ollikainen

Interview with Fanni Piri and Iiris Piri

Duet: Fanni Piri ja Iiris Piri
Performing: Handel-Halvorsen, Passacaglia

Lecture:  Miikka Peltomaa /Better sleep, better musician? (30 min)

Duet: Eliza Sestule and Emma Aleksandra Bandeniece
Performing: Latvian traditional folk song “Seši mazi bundzinieki” 

Greetings from Association of Finnish Lions clubs, chairman Sanna Mustonen

Solo: Redi Shypheja
Performing: Jean Sibelius: Violin Concerto – 1st movement

Solo: Aldo Hodja
Performing: Edward Elgar: Cello Concerto – 3rd movement

Lecture: Miikka Peltomaa / Musician´s ear and hearing protection (30 min)  

String quartet:  Juliana Pöyry (violin), Siri Piippo-Pinho (violin), Serguei Gonzalez Pavlova (viola) and Siiri Nieminen (cello)
Performing: Jean Sibelius, String Quartet ‘Voces intimae’, Op.56

Greetings from Orkester Norden 2022 instructors

Year 2022 conductor and program

Orkester Norden at Sibelius Hall 2019
Johannes Brahms: Tragic Overture (part 2)
Conductor: Eva Ollikainen


Orkester Norden is the result of a unique Nordic collaborative effort within our shared Nordic culture. The orchestra helps educate future professional orchestra musicians and competently carries our Nordic heritage into the future. It is a platform for young musicians from the Nordic and Baltic regions to meet, develop and create music together – with input from the most renowned musicians and composers who like to share their experience and knowledge.

Orkester Norden is a symphony orchestra for young musicians at the age of 15 to 26. Till the year 2024 orchestra will be located in Lahti, Finland. The project will be coordinated and administered by The Finnish Lions Association and the city of Lahti. Rehearsal period in Lahti and the tour are organized in July-August 2022.

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